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Antony J. Williams

Over at the ChemSpider Blog, Antony Williams has gone public with his decision to leave ACD/Labs in pursuit of something new. This marks a very sad event for our company as over the years Tony has contributed immensely to the development and growth of this company in so many different ways. While I have worked closely with Tony over the last 4 years, I cannot begin to comment on all the things he has achieved within this company as it would require me to talk to several different people of ACD/Labs past and present, and would result in a very, very long blog positing.

As it relates to the NMR software product line, some of you are likely aware that Tony was formerly the Product Manager for NMR at ACD/Labs before moving on to various other positions within the company. Brent Lefebvre has since taken over and in my opinion has done a terrific job of managing the product line as we continue to improve on our current offerings and bring exciting new software products to the market. Trust me when I say that Tony has left the NMR product line in very good hands.

While Tony left that position behind, he still remained over the years heavily involved in the research and development and business aspects of the product line. He served as a great resource for market insight as well as technical expertise in the field of NMR. He also was very eager to pick up the phone and keep in touch with many of our NMR software users.

Overall I think the best characteristic Tony brought to this company was his passion. For any one of my readers who have met Tony, I think you will agree that his passion for science is something that comes through from the very beginning. That passion bled through into his various roles in this company and is a big reason why ACD/Labs is the successful company that it is today. We have an incredible team at ACD/Labs but despite that, I truly do not believe we would be where we are today if not for Tony.

This being said, I think Tony (along with many other key players) have built a strong foundation for this company. While his exit certainly marks a sad event for this company, he has instilled much of his qualities, ethics, knowledge, and passion in many different people throughout our company. I am confident that the people that remain at ACD/Labs will continue to improve our software offerings and business practices. There will be challenges ahead but I am confident that we have the right people in the right places to continue to move forward and innovate.

Tony is a tremendous colleague and a very good friend. His openness and personable nature came through from the first conversation I had with him when I interviewed for ACD/Labs. I will certainly miss him and he will no doubt be missed by all in the company.

Tony, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and hope you truly enjoy the next few months of downtime with your family and friends.