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How do Medicinal and Synthetic Chemists Use NMR Software?- Part 1

This post will mark the beginning of a series of several posts.

Please note that for this particular series I am talking mostly about medicinal or synthetic chemists who acquire their own NMR data in an open access environment.

Many chemists in the industry use our software, and
when we were doing market research and testing to try and develop the
best tool for chemists, I came away with several generalizations. I
will post these over the next couple of weeks.

I am going to start off this series by talking about what chemists generally DON'T use NMR Software for.

While there are some chemists who will apply sophisticated processing, accurately integrate, peak pick and characterize all multiplets, assign multiplets in the software to an electronic structure, work with a series, write macros, etc. my observations are that these are few and far between. Most chemists are not going to play with all of the bells and whistles within an NMR software package.

After all, it's not their job to do all of that in most cases. Their job is to make compounds and make sure they made what they thought they made oftentimes using a variety of techniques, not just NMR.