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Shortcut Mode

For those of you that have Version 10 of ACD/1D NMR Processor, I sure hope that you have discovered what the Shortcut button in the top left hand corner of the interface does.

What is Shortcut Mode?

It’s a mode in the software that provides a workflow that allows a user to manually prepare a 1D 1H NMR spectrum as quickly as possible.

That’s the technical description. I’d prefer to say,

"it’s the perfect balance between fully automated processing and full manual processing."

So if you aren’t comfortable with completely automating your processing, but want to save some time, Shortcut Mode is likely for you.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a video?

You can download an instructional movie (with audio) here.

If you have flash installed, you can view the movie here.

Not a movie person? Here’s a document for you:

A Quick and Easy Way to Process 1H NMR Spectra Manually

By the way, if you want to fully automate your processing in ACD/1D NMR Processor, learn how to do it here:

Creating a Macro to Aid in 1D NMR Spectrum Processing. It also includes some sample data files for practice.

If you want to simply process your data the old way, here’s a quick start guide for ACD/1D NMR Processor:

The Basics of 1D NMR Processing