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Time Flies…1 Year Anniversary of Ryan’s Blog on NMR Software

I can’t believe it has been one full year since my very first blog post. 73 posts 90 comments, >500 subscribers later…here we are.

I hope that over the past year I have accomplished what I set out to do: to provide an updateable resource for people interested in NMR software, more specifically ACD/Labs software.

Instead of attempting to write a meaningful post that would appear fitting, I thought I would reflect back on my favorite 5 (OK, I couldn’t resist I had to go with 7!) posts of my rookie year as a blogger:

Here they are, IMO:

7. The Truths and Myths of ACD/Structure Elucidator
6. The Price of NMR Software
5. The Curse of Knowledge
4. Where is the Quality? Assumption vs. Assurance?
3. Fringe Benefits and Knowledge Management
2. NMRShiftDB, ACD/Labs, and Modgraph (This prompted quite a lot of dialog around the web, there’s a lot of reading here)
1. The Purgatory Database

A big thank you to all those who have subscribed to my blog and those who have offered comments, emails, etc. that have inspired me to continue on with this endeavor. A blog is only as good as it’s followers.

A big thanks to Antony Williams, Gary Martin, Phil Keyes, Rich Apodaca, Wolfgang Robien, Malcolm Beckett, Jeff Seymour, Jean Claude Bradley, Egon Willighagen,  Mark Mowery, Christoph Steinbeck, and Stefan Kuhn for their inspiration, insights, opinions, comments, and overall spreading of the word through the blogosphere and beyond.

I would like to thank Daria Thorp, Antony Williams, Brent Lefebvre, Mark Bayliss, Arvin Moser, Andrew Anderson, and Patrick Wheeler for their internal support.

And of course our NMR Development Project Leaders Sergey Golotovin, Kirill Blinov, and Mikhail Kvasha without of course this blog would not exist.

Here’s to another year of NMR Software blogging!