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What is RSS?

On a slightly off topic note:

It’s been about 5 months since I started this blog and according to my analytics tools I am gaining more and more readers by the day. Thanks for those who keep coming back and reading, I hope you are finding this blog useful.

I think much of this repeat traffic is due to the subscription features on my blog. If you haven’t noticed before there are a couple of ways to subscribe to my blog so that you receive updates whenever I write something new. So far, the most popular method seems to be subscribe by email. You can do so by simply inputting your email address in the box on the right and clicking subscribe. Of course this means that you have to trust that I won’t abuse your email address (for the record, I promise I won’t EVER, but other bloggers may). Secondly it means that blog updates will be included in your mail inbox. Personally, I receive a ton of email, especially in the morning and I don’t like my inbox clogged with a bunch of messages that aren’t directly related to my business.

The other way to subscribe is via that orange button on the right. This is a standard RSS button and you’ll find it on most blogs.

I tried to explain RSS and subscription in one of my very first posts but if that didn’t sink in, here is "RSS in plain english":

There it is. No reason to give up your email address and you get to read your favorite blogs (whether they are about NMR software, music, sports, art, whatever) on your own time. 

Hope that helps. Happy RSS’ing.

Thanks to David Meerman Scott for introducing me to the "in plain english" series.