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About Me

My Background:

My name is Arvin Moser. Currently I am an employee of ACD/Labs, a software company developing and selling software for those involved in the field of Chemistry.

I hold a M.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry. During my university years, I have worked in various disciplines and with various instruments. Some of my experiences include: 1D and 2D NMR for solution and solid-state (1H, 13C, 23Na, 39K, 133Cs, 29Si, etc.), TGA-MS, DSC, HPLC, UV/vis, FT-IR, pXRD, organic syntheses, etc.

Through the company, I have traveled to over 120 institutions including Pharmaceutical to Chemical companies to Government and Academic sites and I have met up with hundreds of chemists. I have connected with experts around the world and have been fortunate to learn from the experts and expand my knowledge base in the areas mentioned above and more.

One area in particular is structure elucidation — a common thread shared among the experts and non-experts alike.

The Purpose of the Blog:

My goal is to focus on the science of data interpretation and structure elucidation. I would like to pass on my experiences including what I have learnt from the experts. By sharing these experiences with the scientific community, I think an emerging elucidator can be better equipped with handling anything that comes their way.

Also, I invite chemists, spectroscopists, etc. to use this blog as a means to share their experiences especially in areas that are not covered by current chemistry textbooks.

Please note that I am sharing my views in this blog and they do not necessarily represent the views of Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. Please understand that while I hope to be as open and helpful as possible, there are certainly guidelines around company policies, confidentiality agreements, and proprietary information that I have to respect.

Constructive comments and criticisms are welcomed. Racist or vulgar remarks will be removed.