Video 3 of 5 in the Pfizer Luminata Drug Degradation Stability Workflow series. Here, we review how to work with the Project Stability Map in Luminata once records have been created including different methods for viewing the Project Stability Map. We also review how to attach data using the Empower popup window.

Time Points:

  • 0:58 Hide/Unhide Colors in Luminata Database Navigation
  • 1:29 Pop out the Project Stability Map to Make it Full Screen
  • 1:44 Status Symbols
  • 2:15 Hiding/Unhiding Branches
  • 2:52 Relaunching the Project Stability Map Wizard after the First Time
  • 3:17 Selecting a Record to View
  • 4:08 “Entity Table Read Across” (Blue Records)
  • 5:26 Identifying Number of Unique Degradants
  • 5:47 Empower Attachment Script to Attach Data