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Spectral and Chromatographic Data Handling

Spectral and Chromatographic Data Handling

Combining experimental results from various techniques, analyzing them with advanced interpretation algorithms in one place away from the instrument, while reporting and preserving the derived knowledge has made ACD/Labs software a staple of the modern analytical laboratory.

Processing and Interpretation

ACD/Labs' portfolio of tools for processing and interpretation of analytical data (including NMR, GC/MS, LC/UV/MS, IR, Raman, X-Y data and more) offers a uniform environment for data work-up by being able to read most major instrument vendor formats, offering the ability to use your instruments of choice. Our software's chemical intelligence augments scientists' own interpretations for accelerated workflows.

Structure Identification and Elucidation

Reduce the time spent on identifying chemical structures with assisted and automated structure verification tools. Quickly identify previously characterized structures, elucidate unknown structures, and even deconvolute the components of complex samples.

Method Development and Optimization

ACD/Labs' solutions for chromatography allow scientists to apply QbD principles in developing new HPLC methods or in optimizing existing methods. Design space may be investigatedin silicoto save time and labour intensive trial-and-error experimentation.

Knowledge Management

By characterizing chemical entities, linking them to experimental data, and storing the information and live spectra in searchable databases, ACD/Labs captures the intelligence gained from analytical experiments. Retain the value from analytical work and leverage the knowledge for current and future projects and decisions.

Reduce Bottlenecks with Automation and Integration

Automation of routine tasks and workflows provides increased efficiency, and allows scientists to concentrate on tasks that demand their expertise. Integration of our solutions with existing informatics systems—including ELNs, Archives, and LIMS—expands the capabilities of these existing business systems to include rapid access to complete, interpreted analytical chemistry projects.

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