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Chromatography Software

Advanced Chromatography Software for Method Development and Data Analysis

ACD/Labs’ chromatography software ensures efficient method development across the vast majority of GC and HPLC instrument vendors, and also supports comprehensive chromatographic data processing and interpretation. Use a variety of onboard tools (column & pH selection, separation simulation, robustness testing, etc.) to perform method development according to QbD principles and, following separations, easily process chromatographic data and assign structures to peaks.

ACD/Spectrus Processor

Process and interpret all analytical data in one common interface, including GC/MS, LC/UV/MS, NMR, IR, and more. Complete routine structure verification and access several spectral databases.

ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook

Process, interpret, analyze, and review chromatography, NMR, MS, IR, and other analytical data in a single vendor-neutral environment. Create and search customized databases containing live data, including spectra, structures, metadata, and annotations.

ACD/Method Selection Suite

Streamline method development by using physicochemical property predictions (ex. logP, logD, pKa, boiling point, etc.) and/or databased experimental separations to efficiently optimize key method parameters (ex. pH, gradient, solvent ratio).


Combine direct LC/MS & LC/UV instrument operation capabilities (Agilent ChemStation, Waters Empower) with a rational, stepwise method design workflow to automate and accelerate method development.

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