Analytical Data Processing with ACD/Spectrus Processor
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ACD/Spectrus Processor is a multi-technique analytical data processing and interpretation application that provides a number of capabilities specific to those working with data from thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), x-ray powder diffraction (XRPD), electron energy loss spectroscopy, and other analytical and X-Y data.

Processing & Interpretation

Library Searching

Spectrus Processor provides powerful search and view access to analytical databases. Records are searchable by a variety of structural, spectral and text-based parameters, and search results are overlaid on the query spectrum with color highlighting of matching signals for easy interpretation. For in-house databases, Spectrus Processor offers corporate knowledge-sharing by extending these capabilities with the ability to re-process and re-interpret the data to help answer new questions.

Complete list of supported file formats for all products.

Vendor File Format
ACD/Labs *.spectrus, *.esp
ASCII single, dual and multi column *.txt; *.prn; *.csv; *.asc
Bruker DIFFRAC-AT *.raw
Bruker DIFFRAC-PLUS *.raw
Galactic *.spc
Gatan *.dm3
JCAMP *.dx; *.jdx
PANalytical XRDML  
PowDLL *.*
Sirius Analytical Instruments  
TA Instruments *.*

Older Philips X-Ray instrument data RD and UDF formats may be converted to the PANalytical XRDML formats with conversion software provided by PANalytical.
NET converter for XRPD files

List of Features

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