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Application Notes

Replacing Pen and Paper in the Laboratory

With the ACD/Spectrus Platform we have a powerful tool for processing and interpreting analytical data (NMR, GC/MS, LC/UV/MS, IR, Raman, X-Y Data and more) from different vendor instruments in a homogeneous interface. Database searches, even across multiple databases at the same time, are usually performed by searching for a structure, a spectrum, or a CAS number; a multi-parameter search or setting of specific search filters is also possible.

Multi-Technique, Vendor Neutral Analytical Data Handling for Chemists

Highlighting the benefits of having a single software tool for analytical data handling. The software can be accessed from any computer meaning you no longer need be tied to the instrument for data processing. In addition, this paper addresses how simple, yet sophisticated software tools can aid in the interpretation of analytical data, thus accelerating the decision-making process.

Increasing Chemist Productivity in an Open-Access Environment

With the emergence of open-access instrumentation and ELNs, the need to retain data and knowledge electronically has become more demanding. This application note highlights how ACD/Spectrus Processor provides chemists with the convenience of accessing and processing their analytical data in their own environment and at their own pace.


Customer Stories

Maximizing Throughput of NMR Analyses with ACD/Spectrus Processor

"Spectrus [Processor] is more functional than our old system and I find the software to be far more intuitive. We've had very few problems since we deployed the software and technical support at ACD/Labs have been far more responsive than other vendors we've worked with to help resolve issues when they arose."

Takeda Streamline Analytical Handling with ACD/Spectrus

"Learning from past mistakes I decided we needed to identify a few champions from the Process and Medicinal Chemistry groups to be involved in the software evaluation from the very beginning. They would in turn be the ones to introduce this new software to their colleagues. They were very enthusiastic and there was little push-back. The team was given 2 months to learn Spectrus Processor before the old software was removed from their computers. It's fairly intuitive and the users have been happy with it."