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Access the Specs NMR Library within ACD/Spectrus Processor

Specs NMR Library
Specs NMR Library

With ACD/Spectrus Processor, chemists can now access thousands of high-resolution spectra from the Specs NMR Library directly from the processing interface. With nearly 40,000 spectra available in the Specs NMR Library, access to this database is invaluable for verification of starting materials and identification of unknowns or impurities.

Chemists can quickly process and analyze NMR data within Spectrus Processor, and perform comprehensive searches within the Specs NMR Library. The hit results are presented directly in the Spectrus Processor interface as spectrum overlay for direct comparisons between query spectra and hit spectra.



By combining the processing features of Spectrus Processor with the comprehensive Specs NMR Library, workflows are streamlined, reducing the analytical burden on chemists.