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Automated Structure Verification

Simplify routine structure verification with ACD/Labs' software

Automated Structure Verification

Chemical structure verification by NMR is one of the fundamental practices in synthetic chemistry. From the synthetic chemist all the way to the expert NMR spectroscopist, structure verification is an important part—and frequently a bottleneck—in the organizational workflow.

For more than a decade, ACD/Labs has developed tools and techniques to simplify the process of assessing the fit between proposed structure and experimental data. From individual synthetic chemists to enterprise-level process automation, ACD/Labs has a structure verification solution tailored to your unique needs.

ACD/Spectrus Processor offers one-click structure verification so synthetic chemists can quickly assess the consistency between the spectrum and their chemical structure of interest.

The ACD/Labs Automated Structure Verification System is deployed at the Enterprise-level and is fully customizable to integrate with existing informatics systems within an organization. The system is designed to assist in decision-making, identify erroneous samples proactively, and to improve the overall compound quality.