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Combines Instrument Control for Waters and Agilent LC/MS and LC/UV Systems

ACD/AutoChrom—Software for Chromatographic Method Development Based on QbD Principles

ACD/AutoChrom combines instrument control for LC/MS and LC/UV systems with software for logical method development following Quality by Design (QbD) principles. Define your project and your goals, and AutoChrom will execute the experiments, guide you through data processing and interpretation, and help you select the next experiment to perform. Develop high-quality robust methods, in less time than you ever could before.



With instrument control (Automated Mode) or without (Manual Mode), ACD/AutoChrom significantly reduces the time it takes to develop new methods. The QbD approach allows methods to be developed using systematic design of experiments, multivariate optimization, and modelling robustness throughout the method development process. From selecting a better starting point, to intelligent optimization, you will get better methods, faster.

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