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ACD/LC and GC Simulator

The functionality of ACD/LC & GC Simulator has been migrated to ACD/Method Selection Suite as of ACD/Labs software release 2018.1. LC & GC Simulator has been officially retired as a standalone product and will not receive any further updates. Technical support will continue for 3 years from the time of retirement, as per our Software Life Cycle Policy.

For more information on migrating or upgrading, please contact our Sales team:

Apply QbD Principles to Optimize Method Development Based on Your Experimental Data

ACD/LC and GC Simulator applies Quality by Design (QbD) principles such as expanding design space, and multivariate optimization to help you optimize gradient and temperature to achieve optimal resolution of your separation during method development. ACD/LC and GC Simulator model chromatograms and predict optimal separation conditions and retention times for your compounds using experimental data and physicochemical property predictions.



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