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ACD/Labs Infrared and Raman Databases of Reference Spectra

Elsevier FT-Raman and FT-IR Polymer Database for ACD/Labs

This database includes pairs of IR and Raman spectra of 500 polymers and related materials provided with drawn structures, and substance/sample information collected in searchable User Data fields and Tables of Peaks.

NIST IR Database for ACD/Labs

This database contains gas-phase FT-IR absorption spectra for over 5200 organic compounds compiled by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can track the compounds by their chemical structure, molecular formula, CAS registry number, and chemical name.

Coblentz Society Special Collections for ACD/Labs

The Coblentz Society Special Collection of over 9500 IR spectra were digitized by NIST and have been converted to the Spectrus database format, allowing spectral or chemical structure searches, as well as providing capabilities to process, analyze, and interpret the vibrational patterns found in the hit.

For more information, visit the Coblentz Society

FDM FT-IR Databases for ACD/Labs

FDM Raman Databases for ACD/Labs

S.T. Japan FT-IR and Raman Databases for ACD/Labs