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Chemical Handling and Nomenclature

  • When compared with other naming software—the quality of names generated from ACD/Name is second-to-none. G. Eller, Molecules, 11:915–928, 2006
  • I find the ACD/ChemSketch software to be very intuitive. Furthermore, it appears to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word. Thomas J. Siepmann, Attorney; Birch, Stewart, Kolasch, & Birch, LLP
  • We use ChemSketch to draw structures to add detail to our publications and grant applications. ...the ability to illustrate [fine structural] differences really adds to them. Professor Jane Grande-Allen, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Rice University
  • We are satisfied with ACD/ChemSketch as it perfectly fits our enterprise environment, it is manageable, and provides an excellent chemical drawing suite for our users. Mr. Vince Szucs, IT Director, Gedeon Richter

One of ACD/Labs' core strengths is our software's ability to comprehend and preserve the link between chemical entities and associated analytical and chemical data. Our advanced chemical handling and nomenclature tools play an essential role in maintaining the chemical context of experiments.

True Integration of Structure with Analytical Data

ACD/ChemSketch is an integral part of ACD/Labs software, enabling our products to bring together various pieces of chemical and analytical knowledge to solve scientific problems. A powerful and feature-rich structure editor and reporting product, ChemSketch also allows structures, reactions, and schema to be attached directly to experimental spectra in an editable format.

Associating structures directly with analytical data allows the software to provide assistance with assignment of spectral/chromatographic peaks to individual atoms, molecular fragments, or full structures. Markush structures may also be used, allowing the software to deal with chemical structure ambiguity. Integrating structures with experimental spectra is essential to creating knowledge from data and capturing its chemical context.

Accurate Chemical Nomenclature

Accurately assigning names to chemical structures is of the utmost importance in both industry and academic research, and ACD/Labs' nomenclature tools are used by professionals around the world for research, education, publication, and securing intellectual property rights. By combining advanced nomenclature generation (and name-to-structure generation) with our other tools, ACD/Labs' software solutions ensure comprehensive, non-ambiguous reporting.

Preserving Chemical Intelligence

The key to leveraging the intrinsic value of research is to make sure it is easily searchable and accessible throughout an organization. Although ACD/Labs' knowledgebases are searchable by a large number of parameters, the most common identifiers are structure (or sub-structure) and chemical names.

Our software gives scientists additional confidence that chemical structures and names are correctly assigned to their data, ensuring that accurate information is stored to help answer future research questions.

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