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ACD/Labs Chemical Nomenclature Service

For those who may only need to name a handful of chemical structures a year, ACD/Labs offers a service through which you can submit your structure, and for a fee, have our experts provide you with the name. Whether you have an organic, biochemical, or organometallic structure, we will do our utmost to provide a systematic name (based either on IUPAC or CAS Index rules, simply tell us your preference). This service is also available for 'Name to Structure' requests.

How does the service work?

Step 1: Complete the Chemical Nomenclature Form, and attach your structure (we accept *.mol, *.sdf; *.chm, *.cdx; *.skc; *.sk2 files, as well as high quality graphical images).

Once received, your compound(s) will be treated as confidential.

For Name to Structure requests, please provide the name in the comment box at the end of the form along with any other information.

We are willing to enter into non-disclosure agreements, but a $200 USD fee for legal processing will apply.

Step 2: We will reply shortly to confirm the request and to provide you with billing options to decide your method of payment. Costs are on a case-by-case basis, we will confirm all costs before starting to work on your structure.

Right to refuse We maintain the right to refuse to name a compound or provide a structure for a name. This may happen from time-to-time since some classes of compounds may not yet have systematic nomenclature definitions available, and some names may be ambiguous. To preserve confidentiality in such a case, ACD/Labs will destroy any record we have of your structure/name.

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