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Thank you for your interest in the ACD/Labs chemical nomenclature service. Please take a moment to fill out this form, as doing so will greatly reduce the chance of ambiguity.

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Choose the following options for configurations of stereo centers.

Stereo configuration of the whole structure is:

Stereo configuration of double bonds:

In regard to composition for multicomponent structures (i.e., number of each component in the compound), the composition is:

It is sometimes important to define the treatment of tautomeric structures, especially for CAS names. Tautomeric and mesomeric forms are:

Preferred naming style

Some structures can be named according to pure organic rules and also according to biochemical nomenclature. In this case, I prefer:

Please add any other comments you feel are needed to define specific details of the compound.

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We accept *.mol, *.sdf; *.chm, *.cdx; *.skc; and *.sk2 files, as well as high quality graphical images (there is an additional fee to convert images to structure drawings).

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