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Generate IUPAC Names from Chemical Structures with ACD/Name

Use Chemical Name to Generate Structures, and InChI and SMILES Strings

When compared with other naming software…the quality of names generated from ACD/Name is second-to-none. G. Eller, Molecules, 11:915–928, 2006

ACD/Name generates chemical names according to IUPAC and CAS Index rules, converts chemical names to structures, and can easily handle challenging areas of nomenclature, such as biological molecules, organometallics, and polymers. Derivative rule reports and links back to the relevant nomenclature recommendations permit a greater insight and understanding of the nomenclature process and the name generated.


  • Generate systematic chemical names for chemical structures in accordance with IUPAC and CAS Index rules
  • Generate chemical structures from systematic and non-systematic names
  • Generate InChI and SMILES strings
  • Obtain Derivative Rules Reports and view IUPAC recommendations for each name
  • Generate single names or batches of names for libraries
  • Generate names in 16 languages—English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish*

Full List of Features


  • Reliable and accurate to ensure high quality names for publications, presentations, and patenting
  • Quickly generate names for a single compound in a matter of seconds
  • Gain a deeper understanding into how nomenclature is derived for your compounds

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Name Batch Products

ACD/Name Batch and ACD/Name to Structure Batch generate accurate chemical names or structures for entire libraries of compounds at once, quickly and accurately. Specify naming preferences, report preferences and enable warning reports to meet your requirements.

ACD/Name (Chemist Version)

ACD/Name (Chemist Version) offers a standardized set of features for quick and simple generation of IUPAC names, and structures from names, without advanced functionality, language options, and rule derivations required by nomenclature experts.

Chemical Nomenclature Service

Need to name only a handful of structures per year? We offer a fee-based service through which you can submit your structure and have our experts provide you with the name. Also available for 'name-to-structure' requests.

* The development of naming in specific languages is ongoing and in some instances the generated name may deviate from local language recommendations. We recommend consulting nomenclature recommendations for your language to ensure accuracy.


Follow the steps outlined in this video to generate a name for a drawn structure and explore the configurable options within our naming software. 2.0min

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