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Customized Workflows for Increased Efficiency

ACD/Labs Automation Server Workflow

ACD/Labs offers a variety of options to automate the routine tasks of laboratories, either directly with our software, or by integrating our products with external systems for even greater flexibility.

Most processes performed by our products can be automated—whether through macros, scripts, or customization by our professional services team. Automate part or all of your analytical workflow, structure naming or creating structures from systematic names, physicochemical and ADME/Tox property predictions, and databasing and reporting actions—or bring any of these features together in unique and customizable ways.

Our software helps remove the tedium of repetitive tasks and provides value by running advanced analysis in the background—reducing the potential for human errors while providing fully standardized analysis, processing, and reporting.

Complete Customization

Our professional services team is a highly skilled group of professionals that can customize our software to fit your organization's needs. The team consists of scientists, IT specialists, and software developers who work with you to craft the solution that fits your laboratory and workflow. Our team has the experience to create custom solutions that answer your needs for handling analytical chemistry data. They help you define your requirements, decide on a specification for the solution, craft the solution using the ACD/Labs scripting tools and external packages as needed, and then work with you on implementation in your environment.