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Professional Services

We help you solve your problems

Whether you need to automate your data analysis, provide a seamless workflow engine for your analyses, or integrate multiple cheminformatics systems, ACD/Labs Professional Services is ready to help. We have experienced informatics professionals with the skills to develop and complete your projects, while increasing the efficiency and functionality of your analytical laboratories.

Our team has the experience to create solutions that align our products with your IT and informatics requirements, as well as your knowledge management needs. We provide services worldwide and offer a wide range of solutions to ensure that ACD/Labs products are implemented according to your requests, and they are well-adopted.

Our projects range from single desktop data analysis automation, automated central data processing for entire analytical chemistry laboratories, to full sample submission, tracking, analysis, and reporting systems for entire enterprises.

Enterprise Solutions Consulting


Customization—Manage enterprise projects involving custom development and complex configuration issues.

Consultation—We welcome your input and are happy to discuss issues such as license control, software deployment, cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS).

Enterprise Solutions Deployment

Implementation Planning—Gather and document formal requirements to implement specifications for enterprise products and solutions.

Administration—Administer enterprise products and solutions, on site where necessary.

Installation and Upgrades—Act as consultant and/or implementer for the deployment of enterprise products and solutions, on site where necessary.

Project Management

Lead, develop, and implement good project practices, including but not limited to project planning, resource management, tracking, reviews and updates (with all appropriate internal and external stakeholders), documentation, execution, and closure activities.

Database Administration

Setup, maintain, and backup underlying RDBMSs, such as Oracle and PostgreSQL, for Enterprise Products and Solutions, on site where necessary.