Access to a Centralized Corporate Knowledgebase and Tools for Re-using the Data | Knowledge Sharing with ACD/Spectrus Processor
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ACD/Spectrus Processor—Knowledge Sharing

The vast amount of knowledge collected within an organization becomes redundant when it sits in discrete data silos. Knowledge is not power until it can be re-used and turned into tangible actions.

ACD/Spectrus Processor offers the ability for a corporation to provide all scientists with access to a centralized corporate knowledgebase and tools for re-using the data.

Spectrus Processor offers search and viewing capabilities for processed and interpreted analytical data. Not only providing tools for review, but also re-processing and interpretation so that legacy data can be re-analyzed and applied either later in the same project, or in an entirely different project. Data is searchable by a variety of structure, sub-structure, spectral, and text-based parameters.

Paired with ACD/Labs knowledge management software, and unique automation capabilities, Spectrus Processor completes the full analytical and chemical knowledge management solution. Knowledge gained by analytical chemists and other groups in the organization can be stored and easily accessed, with its chemical context and human interpretation. The expertise of focused research in different groups can be shared using Spectrus Processor to benefit from their colleagues' research now and in the future.

ACD/Labs' knowledge management solutions integrate seamlessly into your informatics landscape and can help increase the value of informatics systems such as LIMS and electronic laboratory notebooks.

Spectrus Processor is available both as a desktop software and as an enterprise package that can be deployed to your entire organization. All described features are available in both deployment options allowing you to create a truly uniform environment for working with analytical chemistry data, and providing a knowledge-sharing platform for scientists to review and re-use corporate knowledge.