Fast, Accurate PhysChem and ADME-Tox Predictions for Tens of Thousands of Compounds with Percepta Batch Modules
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Percepta Batch Modules

Utilize for Library Profiling or Deploy Via Intranets Throughout Your Organization

The batch predictive modules offered on the Percepta platform use the Algorithm Launching Pack (ALP) batch server to provide predictions for tens of thousands of predictions with minimal operator intervention. Batch modules are compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, with no inherent limits to the number of predictions that can be carried out.

To increase the accuracy of predictions for any set of structures, many modules offer the capability to train predictive models with in-house experimental data, extending the model's domain of applicability (see individual desktop product information for trainable modules).

Our customers employ Batch modules to screen compounds; provide property calculations to colleagues in certain departments or organization-wide over corporate internet/portals; plug-in to workflow tools such as Pipeline Pilot; and build more complex prediction models.

Available Modules




* Trainable modules

Full prediction modules (all modules offer Spreadsheet, Profiling and Structure Design Workspaces)

Compatible File Formats for Import/Export

Module Format
PhysChem Batch Modules *.sdf, *.rdf, *.txt, *.csv
ADME Batch Modules *.sdf, *.rdf, *.txt
Tox Batch Modules *.sdf, *.rdf, *.txt

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