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Predict the human intestinal permeability of drugs

Human Intestinal Absorption (HIA) and solubility are two key factors that affect oral bioavailability. The Passive Absorption model predicts the human intestinal permeability of drugs, taking into account trans-cellular and para-cellular routes, and ionization-specific differences in permeation rates. Predictions are based on mechanistic models that use a number of physicochemical parameters, including lipophilicity and ionization, as inputs. The model outputs the following calculated parameters:

About the Model

Training set size: 567 %HIA measurements (values distorted by P-gp efflux, facilitated diffusion and other processes were removed).

Data Source:


For a detailed description of the modeling approach anvd underlying theory refer to Reynolds, D.P., et al. (2009). Ionization-specific analysis of human intestinal absorption. J Pharm Sci., 98(11):4039–54.

ACD/Labs Product Suites

The Percepta prediction modules are available as bundles to offer cost savings for multiple modules, and provide related modules as a package.

Deployment Options

Passive Absorption Model predictions are available as a browser-based thin client application in Percepta Portal; a thick client product (Percepta for the Desktop); and a batch calculator (Percepta Batch).

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