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ACD/Labs Percepta Profilers

Screen and profile compounds for PhysChem and ADMET properties including pKa, lipophilicity, hERG inhibition, and more...

Profilers in the Percepta platform allow you to rapidly profile and screen compounds using our high quality predictive models for physicochemical, ADME, and toxicity parameters.

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    ACD/Drug Profiler: Predict full ADME-Tox and PhysChem profiles for at-a-glance review
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    Conveniently screen and profile structures in our chemical spreadsheet. Assign color-coded thresholds to facilitate interpretation
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    ACD/PhysChem Profiler: Predict the full physicochemical property profile for at-a-glance review

Decisions based on all the property information you need, in one interface:

Profilers are available as two bundles:

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