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Spectrus DB Database Architecture

ACD/Labs' back end database (Spectrus DB) has a hierarchal relational data structure that enables chemical and analytical information to be saved in a single database. Scientists can combine chemical structures, and mixture or reaction information with live spectral and chromatographic results, meta-data, and links to external data sources in one environment. The database is built on a three-tier architecture and employs a flexible hierarchal data structure, making database management easier.

We support both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

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Easier Database Management

Integrate with Existing Systems to Enhance Their Capabilities

Easy customization and integration with third-party software products makes Spectrus DB a logical part of your corporate knowledge management infrastructure on a laboratory or organizational level. This knowledgebase is not simply an additional system for your cheminformatics environment. Deep integration with third-party informatics systems means that chemical information in other databases may be drawn upon, offering a truly collaborative environment for more efficient research.

Hardware & Software Recommendations

Please see a complete list of hardware and software recommendations for ACD/Labs software here