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ACD/Chrom Workbook

A Vendor Neutral Environment to Manage HPLC, LC, GC, and CE Separations

ACD/Chrom Workbook. Advanced software for processing, analysis, and management of chromatographic separations.

ACD/Chrom Workbook is an advanced software tool for processing, analysis, and management of separations data including high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid chromatography (LC) (with UV, DAD, or PDA detectors), gas chromatography (GC), and capillary electrophoresis (CE).

ACD/Chromatography Applications Database—fully searchable with experimental data for >8100 real-life applications covering HPLC, GC, and CE methods. Instrument and column parameters, solvent and buffer information, chemical structure assignments, and reference sources included.

Supported File Formats

Vendor Data Format Extension Comments
Agilent Technologies 1100 Series LC/MSD Quad and Ion Trap Systems *.ms, *.yep UV, LC-UV and LC-MS

Rev. B.02.01, B.03.01, B.04.01, B.04.02, B.04.03,

Rev. C.01.04
*.D UV, LC-UV and LC-MS
Entire *.D folder should be used
*.ms, *.ch, *.uv
Open Lab C v.1.04 *.D UV, LC-UV and LC-MS
Entire *.D folder should be used
*.ms, *.ch, *.uv
Open Lab Rev. C.01.07 *.D UV, LC-UV and LC-MS
Entire *.D folder should be used
*.ms, *.ch, *.uv
EZChrom *.dat UV traces only.
AB SCIEX Analyst *.wiff LC-UV and LC-MS
Bruker Daltonics and Agilent Technologies Agilent or Bruker LC/MS Ion Trap *.yep LC-UC and LC-MS
Bruker Compass (accurate mass data) *.D LC-MS, LC-UV, UV

Entire *.D folder structure should be used.
Shimadzu Corporation LCMS-IT-TOF *.lcd LC-MS and LC-UV. Requires vendor software on same computer.
LCMSsolution *.qld LC-MS, LC-UV and UV traces

May require vendor software on same computer
Thermo Scientific Xcalibur *.raw LC-MS, LC-UV and UV traces
Chromeleon® 6 UV and LC-UV, via Connect to
Unidata netCDF *.cdf LC-MS, LC-UV and UV traces
Waters Corporation MassLynx *.raw LC-UV and LC-MS
Micromass OpenLynx *.rpt LC-UV and LC-MS
Empower LCUV data 1 *.arw LC-UV
Empower 2 and 3   UV, LC-UV and LC-MS traces, via Connect to.
PerkinElmer® TotalChrom™ 2 *.raw UV chromatograms via Connect to

1 Support for hyphenated data involving Diode Array Detector (DAD)
2 "Connect To"

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