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What's New in MS Structure ID

Available for ACD/MS Workbook Suite

Version 2021

Version 2021 of MS Structure ID Suite adds new features, including automated structure identification, and improves existing ones. Read below for details, and contact us for help upgrading your software.

Table of Contents

Improved Data Import

New Features

Automatically Identify Unknown Components by Mass Search

Display Fragment Structures as Peak Annotations

Record and Automate Frequent Actions

Improved Features

Access More Features by Converting Flat Chromatograms into Hyphenated Data

Get Better Results from Automatic Processing with IntelliXtract 2.0 and IXCR 2.0

Improve Processing with More Tools and Options

Filter MS Searches by Polarity

Refinements in Database Search Capabilities

Improved search for structures that include graphical objects, molecules with chiral centers, and data range values

Features for Other Techniques

As always, you can process data from other analytical techniques in MS Structure ID. We've improved features for these techniques as well:

Previous Software Versions