Identifying an unknown compound or verifying a synthesized product is a lot like solving a puzzle. It requires multiple spectral pieces from a variety of instruments, which are combined to determine a solution. Often this data is processed and analyzed at multiple stations, making it difficult to track which compound(s) it’s associated with.

Specifically, processing and interpretation of NMR and LC/MS spectra can be tricky depending on the structural identity of the target compound. Employing tools to simplify your NMR and LC/MS analysis can ensure processing is completed in seconds, and make your analysis significantly more accurate.

In this 45 minute webinar we explore software tools that process and analyze all of your spectral data in a single location. We also demonstrate practical workflows to help you process your NMR and LC/MS data, verify whether you’ve made what you think you’ve made, and instantly generate multiplet and comprehensive reports.

This webinar is also available in German; and in French.