Instrument Business OutlookVolume 31, issue 24 of Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) included Sales indexes for analytical instruments and sales in life sciences organizations as well as an overview of Pittcon. IBO spoke with ACD/Labs at the conference to ask about our latest product developments and differentiators. Below is an excerpt from their article.

ACD/Labs’ knowledge management databases allow user queries such as structured metadata or spectrum searches by gathering raw data from analytical instruments and normalizing the data into a single data format. Data can then be reprocessed and interrogated. ACD/Labs has over 200 employees.

The company noted it is moving its products to the web. Last year ACD/Labs introduced v2 of its Spectrus JS software for data processing directly on the web. The new version supports 1D and 2D NMR, and any chromatography technique, including LC/MS and GC/MS.

Trends ACD/Labs noted are its customers wanting access to processed results rather than just raw data to use for applications such as business intelligence and machine learning. This access is enabled by ACD/Lab’s API. Another trend noted was that companies are no longer waiting for the emergence of a common generic data format (such as anIML) and companies are instead going forward with digitalization of their data.

At the show, ACD/Labs announced it has been selected to develop the ELSIE Consortium’s (Extractables and Leachables Safety Information Exchange) safety and materials database. ELSIE compiles contributions from various pharma companies and shares them among members. The database will be available starting in the second quarter. The browser-based database holds information on chemical structure, and PhysChem, ADME and tox data.