One professor’s innovative approach to teaching spectroscopy uses software to take some of the load off of instruments.

New London, CT (September 9, 2008)—Students at Connecticut College use ACD/Labs NMR Processors to learn aspects of NMR spectroscopy—saving instrument time and allowing for more experimentation by students.

Dr. Bruce Branchini, Professor of Chemistry at Connecticut College, wanted to find a way to increase the instrument time available to his fourth-year class to complete a semester-long project in which they would use various spectroscopic methods to identify a complex unknown organic sample. He looked for software that would allow students to process and analyze experimental data away from the instrument, leaving time for more spectra to be acquired. The software had to be easy enough to use so that the students could learn it themselves, and had to be easily accessible to all of the students. What he found was ACD/Labs NMR Processors.

ACD/1D and 2D NMR Processors from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) allowed the students to import their acquired NMR spectra into the ACD/Labs software installed on laptops, which were assigned to the students for the duration of the project.

“The students used the software for several NMR experiments including 1D H-NMR and 13C-NMR, DEPT, 2D HSQC, H, H-COSY and HMBC,” said Dr.Branchini. “The ACD/Labs software was easier to teach, and the integration feature was much better.”

“Essentially, all of the processing and analysis was done with ACD/Labs software and none on the instrument. This made it possible to have all of the students acquire all the NMR data, mainly using the allotted lab time,” added Branchini. “One of the main reasons we bought the software was to allow us to minimize the time we used the NMR for data processing. We usefully accomplished this goal.”

ACD/Labs offers a range of processing and prediction tools that can be used to assist learning. Flexible licensing options, including site licenses and special pricing, are available to the Academic community. Visit our website for more.

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