Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flexibility in work hours and location remains a reality for many ACD/Labs software users. With ongoing travel restrictions, the need for online collaboration and remote access to scientific data continues to be a focus for many R&D organizations.

ACD/Labs’ COVID-19 Response

ACD/Labs is committed to providing our customers and partners with the same reliable and trustworthy service they have been accustomed to receiving over the years. Our quality assurance systems and practices, and risk mitigation policies, are in place to ensure redundancy and continued quality of service and support across our distributed staff and global locations.

The safety and health of our industry contacts, customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders are of paramount importance. By the very nature of our business as anĀ internationally localized technology company, we are equipped to manage and sustain all necessary online communications and support channels. We continue conducting our business via electronic communications in lieu of in-person interactions. We continue to closely monitor policy and guidance changes regarding COVID-19 and will adjust our practices to assure conformance.

The guidance here is intended to support scientists working remotely and using ACD/Labs’ tools to maintain productivity and assist in planning/readiness for lab-based activities.