Articles & Third-Party References on Software and Solutions from ACD/Labs
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Articles & Third-Party References on ACD/Labs Software and Solutions

Recent journal articles and third-party references about ACD/Labs from the last year

Overcoming the Data Analysis Bottleneck in High-throughput Chemistry
Sep 02, 2019
R. Mackenzie (Technology Networks)
Technology Networks spoke with ACD/Labs' Andrew Anderson about how the field of biochemical research is being changed by automation and how our new product, Katalyst D2D, hopes to speed up pharmaceutical development.
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ACD/Labs: Empowering Data-driven Decisions
Jun 26, 2019
This guide to informatics and data integrity published by the European Pharmaceutical Review highlights ACD/Labs software solutions including our Spectrus and Percepta platforms, and new solutions Luminata and Katalysts D2D.
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Prediction of Human Lethality of Psychoactive Drugs From Rodent LD50 Values
Jun 01, 2019
J. Dearden (Liverpool John Moores University)
ACD/I-Lab was used to calculate mouse and rat LD50 values with impressive accuracy in this paper published in IJQSPR.
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Laboratory Informatics Guide 2019 in Scientific Computing World
Jan 30, 2019
Robert Roe
Scientific Computing World
Andrew Anderson speaks with Robert Roe for two featured articles in the Laboratory Informative Guide 2019.

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