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Articles & Third-Party References on ACD/Labs Software and Solutions

Recent journal articles and third-party references about ACD/Labs from the last year

eCampus News
Learning outside the physical science lab is challenging with classes moving online, but science educators can look to certain software to enhance students' learning experience. Read more about how Widener University utilized ACD/Method Selection Suite to help students run virtual experiments.
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Analytical Chemistry
Customers of ACD/LC Simulator (now available as ACD/Method Selection Suite) contributed to this article on how they used the software to optimize 2D LC separations.
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Technology Networks
Andrew Anderson (VP Innovation & Informatics Strategy, ACD/Labs) published this article discussing artificial intelligence and data science, and why data accessibility is more important than ever.
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Magn. Reson. Chem.
Over a 50-year period, CASE has evolved from the first simple ES prototypes to the modern powerful programs that are capable of elucidating structures of complex organic molecules. We foresee that they will be utilized widely and become a routine tool for NMR spectroscopists and analysts in academic and industrial laboratories. The 'golden age' of CASE is still in the future.
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Chromatography Today
Graham McGibbon (Director of Strategic Partnerships, ACD/Labs) participated in a panel discussion on chromatographic data handling.
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Pharmaceutical Technology
Joe DiMartino spoke with Pharmaceutical Technology about the impact COVID-19 is having on the pharmaceutical supply chain and how companies can prepare for these challenges.
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Benchtop instruments have made NMR spectroscopy more accessible to chemists and have opened new opportunities for the chemical industry. As this technology continues to evolve, benchtop NMR users will experience streamlined industrial workflows and accelerated innovation in Research and Development.
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Joe DiMartino discusses the most challenging obstacles in the pharma supply chain, and solutions that can conquer them.
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Life Science Leader
In this article Joe DiMartino, Luminata Solution Manager at ACD/Labs, discusses common bottlenecks in the drug approval process and how to overcome them.
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Wiley Analytical Science
In the interview with Christina Poggel for Wiley Analytical Science, James Hogbin talks about most important advancements in separation science, his tips and tricks for method development and the distinction between separations and analytical methods.
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Contract Pharma
Richard Lee of ACD/Labs discusses the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in R&D, and what this outlook means for IT leaders at pharmaceutical organizations.
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Pharma Manufacturing
Andrew Anderson discusses how data can help keep quality at the core of your processes.
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