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Discover what our software has to offer through documents that highlight applicability of our products in solving challenges in specific areas of industry and academic study.

Mass spectrometrists can benefit from informatics solutions that offer advanced GC/MS & LC/MS component characterization functionalities. Read this eBook to learn how ACD/Labs' strategies enable vendor-agnostic data import & interpretation, seamless component extraction & identification, and simple & straightforward data management.
Chromatographers require advanced informatics solutions that offer comprehensive coverage of all method development functions. Read this eBook to learn how ACD/Labs' strategies enable compliance with Quality by Design (QbD) regulatory expectations, eliminate trial and error approaches, and provide streamlined data management throughout method development.
In an era where analytical instruments are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the amount and types of data collected are increasing exponentially, we partnered with Cell Associates and C&EN to conduct a formal industry survey on Analytical Data Management. Read this eBook to discover our key findings on how laboratories manage all the analytical data they produce.