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Recent posters from the last year

Efficient Identification and Management of Degradant Data in Process Development
Mar 19, 2019
J. DiMartino, A. Anderson, S. Bhal
Mar 17, 2019, Pittcon

A New Method for the Reliable Detection of 13C Multiplets of Fluorine Containing Compounds
Mar 03, 2019
D. Argyropoulos, R. Pol, V. Mikhailenko, and S. Golotvin
Sep 16, 2018, SMASH
Mar 03, 2019, PANIC

Accelerated Deformulation of LC/MS and GC/MS Data through Database Searching
Nov 06, 2018
P. Russell, A.M. Smith, R. Lee, A. Piatrouski, A. Paramonov, V. Lashin
Nov 06, 2018, Extractables & Leachables

An Impurity Control Strategy Using Impurity Mapping with Dynamic Purge Factor Determinations for Drug Substance Development
Nov 06, 2018
A. Anderson, G. McGibbon, S.K. Bhal, J. DiMartino, A.M Smith
Nov 04, 2018, PharmSci 360

Applying QbD in Process and Impurity Control Strategy Development
Jul 31, 2018
A. Anderson, S.K. Bhal, J. DiMartino, and I. Oshchepkova
Jul 29, 2018, HPLC

Targeted Dereplication of Microbial Natural Products by High-Resolution MS and Predicted LC Retention Time
Jul 21, 2018
M. McKee, ACD/Labs
Jul 21, 2018, ASP

NMR Predictor Comparison
Jul 19, 2018
FU Berlin

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