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Reaching New Heights with High Throughput Experimentation

The Analytical Wavelength

A podcast about chemical knowledge and data in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries.

Episode 5: Reaching New Heights with High Throughput Experimentation

High-throughput experimentation is back again.

It's actually been with us for decades, but companies are paying more attention to this powerful approach to chemistry. They've solved some old problems, gained a better understanding of how to design HTE studies, and realized the data-science potential unlocked by high throughput chemistry.

Join us on a 4-decade journey through HTE. From the 80s and early 90s, to what's happening in pharmaceutical labs today, and what scientists hope for in the future, you'll hear it on Episode 5 of The Analytical Wavelength.

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Charis Lam (Host)
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Jesse Harris (Host)
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Neal Fazakerley
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