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What's That Peak?

Structure Elucidation & Verification Virtual Symposium

What’s in my sample? Did I make what I think I made? What’s that peak?

Questions that are answered by structure elucidation and & verification are integral parts of chemical R&D workflows from discovery to development and manufacturing. But as scientists constantly strive to do their work faster and better, they must be careful to ensure that efficiency does not come at the cost of confidence in the determined structure.

We brought together experts from some of the industry’s leading organizations to share how they leverage software to make the most of their NMR, LC/MS, and GC/MS data and boost their structure elucidation and verification workflows.

Who should watch the presentations from this symposium?

  • Synthetic and medicinal chemists responsible for elucidating and verifying the structures of their reaction products and by-products
  • Natural products researchers
  • Members of structure elucidation groups
  • Decision makers at institutions where chemical structures need to be identified quickly and confidently