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Webinar—Analysis of Fluorinated Compounds by 13C NMR: Addressing Difficulties and Providing Solutions

In modern organic and medicinal chemistry, fluorine is used to enhance the chemical properties of molecules in many desirable ways. When substituted for hydrogen, the increased stability of the C-F bond can delay the metabolism of the molecule and forbid peroxide formation. As well, its heightened lipophilicity has a direct positive effect on the molecule's bioavailability [1]. Consequently, it is estimated that more than 20% of commercial pharmaceutical APIs, 30% of the top 15 prescribed pharmaceuticals, and 30% of agrochemicals contain at least one fluorine atom [2,3].

A challenge in the development of fluorine chemistry is the potential difficulty of interpreting 13C NMR spectra of fluorinated organic compounds. This is because 13C spectra are commonly recorded using only 1H broadband decoupling and the 13C-19F couplings are quite large and still present.

Join us for this 40 minute webinar to see the most efficient analysis methods for interpreting 13C NMR spectra of fluorinated compounds. We will be showing how the ACD/Labs software tools can help you achieve this.

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