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Reduce your Time Investment in Impurity Data Management

If you are involved in pharmaceutical drug substance development this webinar is for you.

Pharmaceutical process development involves multi-disciplinary groups of chemists and analysts whose goal it is to create the API by the cheapest, most efficient route while ensuring product safety through effective impurity control measures. A vast amount of analytical and chemical data is generated (LC/MS, HPLC, data, synthetic routes, reagents, starting materials, reaction conditions, etc.) and is managed in many different systems, not necessarily designed to handle this data, and requires huge manual effort by the scientists.

Watch this webinar to see how you can

  • Centralize and assemble all your analytical and chemical process information in one informatics platform and reduce tedious, time-consuming data transcription
  • Collaborate effortlessly with team members and track impurities in real-time
  • Search and access impurity data more easily to establish effective controls faster

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Intended Audience

  • VP/Director Process Development
  • VP/Director Analytical Development
  • Process chemists and scale-up chemists
  • API development teams
  • Analytical development and process analytical chemists
  • Development project team leaders
  • Regulatory affairs

Learning Objectives

In this webinar you will see how Luminata helps you:

  • Organize live, connected chemical and analytical data in a single platform
  • Follow a QbD approach to establishing impurity control strategies
  • Track the formation, fate, and purge of impurities through lots and batches
  • Search, review, update and access, up-to-date information to support decisions
  • Reduce the anxiety of reporting and regulatory submissions