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How to Make Stress Testing Less Stressful

Is your forced degradation study data scattered across different computer systems or different organizations?

Are you suffering from information overload and looking for a better way to manage your data?

The length and breadth of stress testing (or forced degradation) studies are often determined by the amount of time and resources available. While the results of these studies are critically (helping scientists create more stable formulations, select appropriate packaging and conditions for long-term storage, and in the development of stability indicating methods); managing the large quantities of data acquired over a multi-year timeframe is a real challenge for most organizations.

In this webinar we will discuss how you can manage all your theoretical and observed degradants, experimental conditions, and analytical results (including LC/MS data and structural information) in one application. See how Luminata enables you to:

  • Import LC/MS results, from multiple instrument vendors, in one software application
  • Probe multiple LC/UV/MS datasets to search for specific impurities
  • Visualize and analyze data to create kinetic plots
  • Make informed decisions with all the relevant data at your fingertips
  • Assemble, track, retrieve, and share study data and results with ease

Join us for the webinar and eliminate your stress!

Intended Audience

  • Analytical Chemists in Drug Development
  • Process Analytical Teams
  • Analytical Lab Manager/Director

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