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Introducing a New Technique to Enable Chromatographic Separation Using Computer-assisted Modelling

Multicomponent mixtures from pharmaceutical processes are difficult to resolve. How do we better address challenging coelutions?

Imad Haidar Ahmad and colleagues at Merck present multifactorial peak crossover (MPC) – a new technique to quickly isolate peaks of interest. Using computer-assisted chromatographic modelling, the separation landscape is mapped and conditions that change peak-elution orders are found. Peaks of interest can be quickly shifted to convenient areas of the chromatogram, dramatically reducing the time spent to develop productive separations.

Join us to learn how Imad and colleagues:

  • Map the separation landscape with computer-assisted modelling
  • Identify areas of peak-order crossover
  • Improve signal-to-noise ratios and detect low-level components using MPC

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Imad Haidar-Ahmad

Imad Haidar-Ahmad is an Associate Principal Scientist at Merck, where he works on method development. He formerly worked at Novartis and received his PhD from Florida State University in 2011.


Charis Lam

Charis Lam is a Marketing Communications Specialist for ACD/Labs, specializing in chromatography and mass-spectrometry products. She holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Toronto.