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LC Method Development I: How a Method is More than a Separation

Chromatographers often speak of developing methods and separating compounds—two related but not identical ideas. Besides separating analytes, a high-quality method must meet many other criteria, including robustness, linearity, and limits of detection.

To specify these factors, scientists must start with defined goals. What do you need the method to tell you? And how do you get it to produce that information?

In this webinar, James Hogbin draws upon 41 years of method-development experience to explain the distinction between separations and analytical methods, and how to plan for the latter.

Learn how to:

  • Approach method-development planning
  • Account for factors beyond "Are these compounds separated?"
  • Design for linearity, robustness, validation, etc. from the beginning

Join us if you:

  • Are gaining experience in method development
  • Want to hear how an experienced chromatographer develops high-quality methods
  • Think you could approach method development with a more logical plan

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James Hogbin

James Hogbin, MRSC, joined ACD/Labs in 2019 as an Application Scientist. He previously worked for 41 years in method development for pharmaceutical and agroscience companies, including Pfizer Inc.


Charis Lam

Charis Lam is a Marketing Communications Specialist for ACD/Labs, specializing in chromatography and mass-spectrometry products. She holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Toronto.