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Choosing the Right Tools for Mixture Analysis by 1D or 2D NMR

NMR Spectroscopy is one of the most robust techniques for measuring unknown compounds and elucidating their structures. While using NMR to analyze solutions of pure compounds is well understood, mixture analysis brings forth an array of difficulties. These include identifying compounds in small concentrations in the presence of others at high concentrations, extensive overlaps and, sometimes, hundreds or thousands of components. Nevertheless, mixtures are ubiquitous in all forms of chemistry, from metabolomics to food and beverage quality control, so analyzing mixtures by NMR spectroscopy is a very appealing option. The field has taken off in the last few years as people understood the potential and new software tools have appeared in the way.

Watch this 40 minute webinar to see how you can speed up your analysis of complex 1D and 2D NMR spectra of mixtures using ACD/Labs NMR analysis tools, including our industry-standard NMR prediction and processing software.

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Intended Audience

  • Synthetic/Medicinal/Analytical Chemists
  • Natural Product Chemists
  • Polymer and Formulation Chemists
  • NMR Spectroscopists

Learning Objectives

In this webinar you will learn how to use ACD/Labs NMR analysis software to:

  • Perform targeted analysis of known mixture components
  • Automate targeted profiling for batch analysis
  • Use the NMR predictors for pattern matching of candidate components
  • Use 1D and 2D spectra for untargeted mixture analysis