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The Easiest Way to Predict and Identify MS Fragments

Does your MS data match your compound? Find out by predicting mass fragments based on chemical structure and matching the prediction to your spectrum. MS Fragmenter can support your spectral interpretation by helping you:

  • Predict fragmentation pathways for any small molecule
  • Customize the prediction with chemical context
  • Filter results based on ions in your data
  • Easily generate fragmentation reports

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Graham Moore

Graham Moore (Application Scientist) received his Master's in Chemistry from Durham University and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, specializing in synthetic organic chemistry, and has worked for several industrial process definition and pharmaceutical CRO laboratories in the UK and Canada.


Charis Lam

Charis Lam is a Marketing Communications Specialist for ACD/Labs, specializing in chromatography and mass-spectrometry products. She holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Toronto.