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The Latest Developments in NMR Analysis Workflows and Chemical Knowledge Extraction in v2019

Learn more about What's New in ACD/Labs v2019 NMR software

Version 2019 of the ACD/Labs software was officially launched in August. The new version supports a more reliable and faster analytical workflow through improvements in data analysis, processing and databasing tools.

In this 20 minute webinar you will learn about all the new features and enhancements for NMR added to the ACD/Spectrus products (Spectrus Processor, NMR Workbook Suite and Structure Elucidator Suite). These updates include the new NMR Targeted Profiling tool that enhances 1D NMR Mixture Analysis, the updates to Unbiased Verification and the new option for revealing the 3D Structure of a compound using NOESY/ROESY spectra, amongst others. We look forward to showing you how ACD/Labs continues to innovate and respond to customer feedback with these exciting updates!