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Build Customized Databases and Easily Manage your NMR Data

As the number of chemical compounds and the size of databases continues to grow, so does the urge to efficiently take advantage of these vast amounts of information.

ACD/Spectrus DB creates a collaborative project environment that enables chemical and analytical information to be saved in a single database and employs a flexible hierarchal data structure, making database management easier. Spectrus DB is also highly customizable and integrates with other third-party software products.

In addition, ACD/Labs offers several content databases (non-spectral databases that contain millions of chemical shifts, coupling constants, and corresponding chemical structures) with numerous published natural product structures that can be easily accessible for structure dereplication.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Efficiently access, view and manage database information in a variety of configurations, including default, table, tile, etc.
  • Readily compile comprehensive experimental information (spectra, structures, metadata, etc.) into accessible databases.
  • Effectively browse and search the available content databases to extract the required information.

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