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Automating Purity Check Workflows of Mass Spectrometry Data

Webinar: Automating Purity Check Workflows of Mass Spectrometry Data

Amgen purifies approximately 5000 compounds per year in biotech/pharmaceutical discovery, with LC/MS analysis and purity reporting serving as key final steps in this process. In collaboration with ACD/Labs, they have generated automation processes which reduce time for report generation and review. In the presentation, Grace demonstrates the benefits of the LC/MS automation workflow and provides a review of report generation and data review. Automation of structure confirmation is also discussed.

About the Speaker: Grace Bi began her current role at Amgen as a Scientist over 10 years ago, focusing on achiral small molecule separation and analytical LCMS data management. She also possesses experience in solid-phase micro-extraction/GC analysis of explosives, high-throughput purification, and developing analytical and separation methods that support medicinal chemistry.