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Reduce your Time Investment in Impurity Data Management

Pharmaceutical process development involves multi-disciplinary groups of chemists and analysts whose goal is to create their target API by the most affordable and efficient route, while also ensuring product safety through effective impurity controls. A vast amount of analytical and chemical data is generated and managed by many different systems not necessarily designed to handle this information, and these require significant manual inputs from scientists. View this presentation to learn how ACD/Labs’ impurity management solution, Luminata, is designed to address these appreciable challenges.

Webinar: Reduce your Time Investment in Impurity Data Management

About the Speaker: Joe DiMartino is a longtime Application Scientist at ACD/Labs, and recently began his current position as Product Manager for Luminata on our Innovation and Informatics Strategy team, where he oversees ACD/Labs’ impurity management solution. This role also benefits from his experience previous to joining ACD/Labs, where he worked as an Associate Chemist at Apotex Pharmachem Inc., designing safe and commercially competitive laboratory procedures for pharmaceuticals.

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